Must Have Reseller Items – packing tape

Tape, Packing tape, shipping tape, it’s a must have.

I have been reselling for some time now and have locked in my choice. Doing my best to keep costs low is very important in my business.

The best pricing I have found is to get it in bulk, just like Sam’s Club. In fact, I used to get my shipping tape from Sam’s Club. Yes, those little rolls in a pack of 6. I thought it was genius to get them there. Until I found it on ebay.

6 rolls of tape, (either 2 inch or 3 inch), + free hand held tape dispenser + free shipping for around $20!!!!! This is an amazing deal. I currently have 2 guns, 1 for clear tape and 1 for USPS priority mail tape. I have recently ordered the tape only packages starting at $15 and you choose your size and quantity.

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