Reseller Must Have Items-Scotty Peeler

Have you ever ruined the insole of a beautiful pair of heels by trying to remove that sticker? You know, that sticker, yes, the one they place on the most delicate part of heels. Or other stores place them on the bottom and are so tough to remove.

These are safe to use on plastic, glass, metal and leather. The tougher stikier labels such as on a book or the insole of a shoe may be a bit tougher to remove, on these items, heat with a blow dryer first and then continue with the peeler tool.

The best tool I’ve found to remove these is the Scotty Peeler. I ordered mine from ebay, ( I prefer to support my fellow resellers) but is sold on other sites. I got the 4 pack which is the best deal. 1 metal and 3 plastic.

Have you tried these tools? Love them? Let me know!

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