Blazer Summer Style

Go ahead, wear that blazer this Summer! Blazers can be worn any time of the year. No need to lock them away until Fall.

Here, we’ve started with white linen shorts and a basic white tee as our canvas. From here we can add to this look for a sporty, fun look or jazz it up for date night.

We added a bold bright pink blazer, fun wedge sandals and pink pearls to tie everything together. The jacket can easily be removed and still be left stylish and confident.

Keep the white canvas while adding classic black or be bold and have fun with colors!

trishvan99 in VoyagePhoenix Magazine

A minor mention in VoyagePhoenix Magazine.

I was recently contacted for an interview with VoyagePhoenix Magazine on their series of Inpiring Stories highlighting professionals, community leaders and local entrepreneurs. I am honored to represent the reselling community in my area and hope to inspire others.

Following is the link to the article as well as so many other inspiring stories.

Any questions or comments, let me know?

Ever wanted to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is easy. Have you always thought about starting a blog? DO IT!

Sure, it can be intimidating. Not sure what to post, will anyone read this? Just start. You can always add, delete, repost. I use mine as a life journal. Anything that is going on or I want to share gets posted.

There are tons of sites to choose from. WordPress is easy to use and customize. Farther down the road you can export content, monetize, do videos.. etc.

Ready to get started? Use the link below to get started.

A Reseller’s Passion Blog Features Trishvan99


Leslie Tucker recently did a podcast series featuring stay at home moms. Moms that are using their free time to earn extra income. The women featured had some amazing stories to tell. I had the pleasure of being featured in this series, although my story is far from amazing. I am a true stay at home mom, in every sense of the word. My husband works and provides financially for our family, leaving me to care for the house and currently the only child left at home. This gives me plenty of time to ‘resell’ in between ‘mom’ duties and my ‘mom’ schedule.

Click on the link below to hear Leslie’s Podcast #25 with me..




Click on the link to follow and learn more about Leslie Tucker and A Reseller’s Passion

Goodwill Phoenix Thrift Meet up

Goodwill Central & Northern AZ hosts Thrift Meet Up

10 lucky winners were chosen to participate in Goodwill’s Thrift Meet Up with Laura Madden @iamlauramadden on June 27th 2019. The Meet Up took place at the Phoenix Goodwill on 3901 E. Thunderbird Rd. On top of being Thursday $1 tag day, each participant received a $20 gift card to shop.

I was lucky to be chosen as one of the 10 winners. After a brief introduction by Laura about the importance of sustainable fashion, we were off to shop! I myself am a reseller which means I shop for others. I rarely get to shop for myself these days. Being a stay at home mom means my wardrobe consists of sweatpants and tee shirts.

The fact that this is $1 tag day AND I get a $20 gift card!!! Let the fun begin. It was an amazing time with other fellow thrifters. We shopped, talked and shopped some more. I had forgotten how fun is to just shop, try on different outfits and encourage each other. I walked away with 10 $1 items along with other 6 great deals. My goodies will require their own post, coming soon.

Follow @goodwillaz on instagram for information on how you can be a part of the next Thrift Meet Up.