Reseller extras – stickers


Once you have a logo, you can use that logo to order various items for your business. It’s nice to have ‘freebies’ to hand out at Posh n Sips, meet ups, friends and at Poshfest. This can be a nice unique way for others to remember your name.

The sitckers I use currently are from Stickermule. I first saw their add on instagram adverstising 10 custom stickers for $1. I sent this link to my husband who ordered stickers for his business. After I saw the quality, I went ahead and ordered mine. I also placed a bigger order to hand out at Poshfest. Stickermule is pretty easy to use and have quick shipping.

Reseller extras – logos


Having a unique logo for your business can set you aside from all the other sellers and resellers out there. There are plenty of designers that can make a logo for you for a set fee. There are also tons of sites where you can create you own logo.

When coming up with the trishvan99 design, we used Logomakr. My husband, (the computer guy) designed my logo with my help……

Wherever you choose to make your logo, make sure you have the copyright to your logo. Be sure to request your logo in vector format, this is what you will send in when making various promotional items.

Do you have a logo? Have you used Logomakr?

The Must Have Bag

The Merona bag, a must have.

This bag is a must have. Every one should own this little black bag. It’s chic, trendy and useful. The Merona (yes, Target) crossbody bag is a closet staple that will remain in style season after season. If you want a bag that will get you compliments, look no farther.

Why do you want this bag? It’s cute, it’s cheap and it has a bow!

Who wants this bag? Anyone who likes a bargain. Me!

Who needs this bag? Everyone who has debit cards and a shoulder.

When should you get this bag? Now, before it’s gone.

Where can you find this bag? Just look up trishvan99.

Let’s talk about specifics:

Leather, no.

Real gold, no.

Expensive, no.

New, no.

Serial #, no.

Authentic, yes

Adjustable, yes.

Easy clean, yes.

Cheap, yes.

This bag has no age limits, teen, young adult, cougars, and everyone in between can rock this bag. This bag is small, even when full, will not hurt your shoulder.

This bag will keep your debit and credit cards where you can see them, even if you shouldn’t be using them. This bag has a zip pouch area to keep your chap stick from being stolen. This bag is just big enough to hold what you need, cards, money, chap stick, keys and, no, nothing else that’s it. Everyone holds their phone in their hands anyway 24/7. Plus, with a bag this size, no one will ask you to hold anything for them, ever.

This bag will be shipped to you undamaged. It will arrive stuffed with tissue, in a clear bag and packed nicely in a plain box. No need to ask if this comes with a dust bag and original box, this bag is not needy and has not lost it’s value.

This bag won’t last long, someone will snatch it up quick. If you miss out, feel free to shop my many other items available at TRISHVAN99.

What is trishvan99????

What is trishvan99? What does it mean? I’ve had my fair share of questions as to the name-title….

Thrishvan99 came about way way long ago. Back at the beginning of the internet and email. My then husband and I shared an email account-yes it was a thing. Simple, first part of his first name + first part of our last name add =shared email.

Then, it happened. Quoting the lovely Wendy Williams the ‘Cheatation” happened. I was now left to open my own email account. The horror! At the time I did have the nickname Trish, so Instinctively, part of my first name + first part of my last name (at the time-I know), but, I was asked for a #, I choose 99, genius right? It was 1999 by the way. The year my life fell apart or a new beginning.

So there we were, Trishvan99. I have used this for everything since then. Logins, email, forums, apps etc. This has nothing to do with reselling, which is how I spend most of my free time these days. It is me, my name, who I am. I know and fear that someday, some mofo will come at me claiming this isn’t my name and I owe him for using the van. Well, he can get in the van and take a hike.

I should look into claiming this name, trademark, register or whatever this would be called. I know nothing about this. If anyone can lead me in the right direction-send me a message. I would hate to have to order a new one of these signs……

Welcome to trishvan99

Hi there,

I’m Patricia aka trishvan99. An Arizona native, I know, not many of us here. I am married with 3 children and a Moe Moe (a black lab mix). Currently, I am a stay at home home.

I’m also proud to say that I am a reseller, mostly clothing and shoes. A little over 3yrs ago is when I began this journey. You can shop my items on ebay, Poshmark and Mercari. You can follow me on Facebook, instagram and twitter all under the same name trishvan99.

I plan on using this space to post pictures, information, answer questions, and show what my side of the reselling life looks like. I’ll also add in some of my favorite recipes and other random goodies. Thanks for stopping by!

Keep in touch!

email me at