Basic Reseller Business Tips

Whether new or a seasoned seller, here’s a few key points to keep in mind. Remember-I sell clothing and shoes, on Poshmark, ebay and Mercari. Have a plan, a business plan. Someone recently told me “As soon as you sold your first item, you became a business person!” Plan on this as you are a business person. Have a plan with steps in mind. We all start some where. Get planner or calendar and write things down. Things that need to get done, not necessarily in order. Buy low sell high. Basic. Market. thinking. Buy or acquire inventory at the … Continue reading Basic Reseller Business Tips

A Reseller’s Passion Blog Features Trishvan99

  Leslie Tucker recently did a podcast series featuring stay at home moms. Moms that are using their free time to earn extra income. The women featured had some amazing stories to tell. I had the pleasure of being featured in this series, although my story is far from amazing. I am a true stay at home mom, in every sense of the word. My husband works and provides financially for our family, leaving me to care for the house and currently the only child left at home. This gives me plenty of time to ‘resell’ in between ‘mom’ duties … Continue reading A Reseller’s Passion Blog Features Trishvan99

Reseller Sourcing Ideas

So you’ve done it. You have drank the Kool-Aid and have become a reseller. Money is out there waiting to be made and you want in. Great! Fantastic! There is plenty to go around for everyone! Go get what’s yours. You’ve started and are committed to this new adventure that is reselling. But where do you find ‘stuff’ to sell???? Keep in mind, I myself sell mostly clothing and shoes. I sell on Poshmark, ebay and Mercari. If these are your platforms, consider these ideas since they work for me. I do not do wholesale, that is a whole other … Continue reading Reseller Sourcing Ideas

Reseller Storage System

Storage is important. No matter how long you have been reselling, have a system in place. A system where another person can simply come in and takeover shipping for you is the best. It takes time to get a good system in place. I am still tweeking my storage system. I have had several weird looking ideas in the past. Plastic shelves, bags, totes, boxes, and many other improvised whatevers. Every time I switched to something new, I was stoked. Then it happened, too many times, I could not find a single item that sold. I searched through bags and … Continue reading Reseller Storage System