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Rust colored blazer.

If you’ve never given a second thought to this rust brown color-look again! Depending on the cut and how it fits, this blazer color is flattering. Paired with over the knee boots from Target, yes Target! Add a basic tee and your favorite skinny jeans for a polished look.

Use link below to shop the look on liketoknowit.


Thrifted OOTD

White overalls

Savers for the win on these like new Mod Ref denim overalls. The cropped length and adjustable tie makes them petite perfect! Thanks to Savers and their ‘half off’ Mondays, making these a $4 find. The fun faux velvet baseball cap was another $1 score at Goodwill.

The cami is a favorite closet staple from Walmart-very affordable and worth every penny.

While the boots are new and a splurge, i’m currently deciding between these and the Chelsea boots!

Are you looking for white overalls? Use the link below to find your perfect pair!

Pink and Glitter

Thrifted OOTD

What girl doesn’t feel pretty in pink and glitter?

This bright pink skirt by Belle Sky was a Goodwill score for $1 and was resold to a happy buyer on Poshmark. The chambray Faded Glory top, also a $1 find at Goodwill is a tad small but remains in my personal closet.

The shoes!!!!! Pretty, glittery, sparkly and Yes- Christian Louboutins… were also a find at a Goodwill in Tempe. You never know what you’ll find at the thrift store!

Although most of my items are thrifted and no longer available, you can shop similar items to complete your look on my liketoknowit page.

Any questions, just ask!


Thrifted Pink

Thrifted. Second hand. Preowned. Used. Old. Worn. This is what family and friends think of when I say I shop at the thrift store.

I see inexpensive, low-priced, bargains, one of a kind items and smoking deals.

Only 5 of the items here were purchased new, and on sale at that. I like to save me some money!

Everything else is preowned, purchased either at thrift stores or from online resale apps. There’s something about the hunt and not knowing what you’ll find while out thrifting. Most stores offer discounts and tag sale days, get to know those days and sign up for coupons.

Not ready to dive into a thrift store? Try shopping on Poshmark for gently used items. Those pink platform boots were a score from Poshmark for $20!!!! And that umbrella-Victoria’s Secret and pink- My color!!! Was just $5 on Poshmark. Ready to shop preowned?

Download the app and use code TRISHVAN99 to save.

Make listing fun with Poshmark’s Listing Tracker

A fun way to track your listing progress.

Poshmark has several FREE downloadable trackers for you to use. The one i’m currently using (on my IG) is the weekly tracker. Click on the link below for this one. The Love it or List it tracker is at the bottom!

Any questions, let me know!

How easy is it to relist on Vendoo?

Quite easy….

Vendoo is a cross listing service that is easy to use and allows you to make better use of your time as a reseller. Vendoo has recently added the bulk ‘Delist & Relist’ feature to the lineup and it is a game changer. This newer feature lets you choose up to 10 items to be deleted and relisted with a few clicks. Let’s peep….

You still have the option to sort through your listings. I switch it up-but usually will go with the ‘Date Modified’ and search the oldest.

From the Multi Actions menu, choose Multi Delist & Relist.

Choose the items to be deleted and relisted- up to 10 and click Delist & Relist.

Choose the platforms you want these items to be Deleted and Relisted, confirm.

And like me, scroll IG….. while the magic happens.

Not too much later, they are done and repeat the process….

Of course, I work on multiple laptops, windows and screens so this process goes by a tad faster…..

Are you a reseller? Have you been wanting to try a cross listing service? Now is the time to give Vendoo a try. Click the link below to try them for free. Any questions, just ask!

Blazer Summer Style

Go ahead, wear that blazer this Summer! Blazers can be worn any time of the year. No need to lock them away until Fall.

Here, we’ve started with white linen shorts and a basic white tee as our canvas. From here we can add to this look for a sporty, fun look or jazz it up for date night.

We added a bold bright pink blazer, fun wedge sandals and pink pearls to tie everything together. The jacket can easily be removed and still be left stylish and confident.

Keep the white canvas while adding classic black or be bold and have fun with colors!

0-10k instagram Followers in 3 Months

Guys, it’s here!

I’ve been MIA from posting, reselling and pretty much life due to a hacked account.

I hustled and managed to grow my new instagram account to 10k followers in 3 months and want to share with you how I did it!

Follow the link to download your copy now.

Questions or comments? Let me know! I’m @thetrishvan99 on instagram.

Thanks to Deanna for your help with this, you’re the best!

Reach her on instagram