Reseller Must Have Items- Steamer

Having a steamer is a definite must have if you are reselling. I personally use a stand up steamer. The type you use depends on cost and how much you will be using your steamer. I have used a small hand held one in the past. Yes, it was way cheaper than investing a ton of money on a big monster steamer. I quickly found that steamer was Not my thing. Fighting with the short cord got old real quick. The constant refilling of the tiny water reservoir drove me nuts. And, so, it got listed and sold. I had … Continue reading Reseller Must Have Items- Steamer

Arizona Staycations- The McCormick

No too long ago we spent a couple of nights at the McCormick in Scottsdale. A nice quiet place to unwind. On the walk to check in you’ll see a row of bikes that are available for guests to enjoy. Out by the lake are canoes and paddle boats that are also available to guests. What a nice surprise! We ended up spending most of our time relaxing poolside. Eating and drinking poolside in the Arizona warm weather is the best. For added family fun there’s ping pong and darts in the nestled in pool area. If you choose to … Continue reading Arizona Staycations- The McCormick

VoyagePhoenix Magazine

I was recently contacted for an interview with VoyagePhoenix Magazine on their series of Inpiring Stories highlighting professionals, community leaders and local entrepreneurs. I am honored to represent the reselling community in my area and hope to inspire others. Following is the link to the article as well as so many other inspiring stories. Any questions or comments, let me know? Continue reading VoyagePhoenix Magazine

Oak & Fork

Oak & Fork is located inside the Harrah’s Ak Chin Casino in Maricopa, Az. If you know Maricopa, you know there is a limited selection for dining. In a sea of fast food, Maricopa is slowly getting better options. Harrah’s Oak & Fork has got to be our favorite spot in Maricopa. Our first visit was at the soft opening and we have been regulars since then. Specializing in fine wines and small plates, this place is the perfect amount of food for 2. Set inside the casino with bar seating and seating available outside near the fire, depending on … Continue reading Oak & Fork

Poshmark Posh n Sips

Have you ever attended a Posh n Sip in your area? Posh n Sips are held all the time by other resellers. You can find a list of past and upcoming events on the Poshmark Blog as well as on instagram and Facebook. My first Posh n Sip was about 8 months into my reselling journey. One of the hosts messaged me on my meet the Posher page inviting me. I was still new and had just started an instagram for my business, so I had never heard of this Posh n Sip before. As I did not know any … Continue reading Poshmark Posh n Sips

Get on social media

As a reseller it’s important to get on social media. Social media is still not my thing. I’m still learning and getting the hang of things. I have learned that it is necessary to get out there. Whether it’s Facebook, instagram, Twitter or any platform you choose, start somewhere. It’s important to get your name or business name out there. Social media is where many individuals turn to learn more about you and your business. These days, others ask for your social media name, not a business card. There are so many sellers out there to meet and connect with. … Continue reading Get on social media

Crescent Rolls Recipe

Yield: 24 rolls Rest: overnight Rise: 4hrs Ingredients: 1 tbsp active dry yeast 1/4 cup warm water 3 eggs 1/2 cup sugar 3/4 tsp salt 1/2 cup unsalted butter 3/4 cup milk 5 cups all purpose flour 1/2 cup unsalted butter Directions: In a small bowl, melt 1/2 cup butter in microwave, set aside. In a another small bowl whisk yeast into warm water an set aside. In a large bowl whisk eggs, sugar and salt. Add in the yeast water. Add milk and melted butter, whisk together. Add flour 1 cup at a time, stirring well. Dough will be … Continue reading Crescent Rolls Recipe