What is trishvan99????

What is trishvan99? What does it mean? I’ve had my fair share of questions as to the name-title….

Thrishvan99 came about way way long ago. Back at the beginning of the internet and email. My then husband and I shared an email account-yes it was a thing. Simple, first part of his first name + first part of our last name add @________.com =shared email.

Then, it happened. Quoting the lovely Wendy Williams the ‘Cheatation” happened. I was now left to open my own email account. The horror! At the time I did have the nickname Trish, so Instinctively, part of my first name + first part of my last name (at the time-I know), but, I was asked for a #, I choose 99, genius right? It was 1999 by the way. The year my life fell apart or a new beginning.

So there we were, Trishvan99. I have used this for everything since then. Logins, email, forums, apps etc. This has nothing to do with reselling, which is how I spend most of my free time these days. It is me, my name, who I am. I know and fear that someday, some mofo will come at me claiming this isn’t my name and I owe him for using the van. Well, he can get in the van and take a hike.

I should look into claiming this name, trademark, register or whatever this would be called. I know nothing about this. If anyone can lead me in the right direction-send me a message. I would hate to have to order a new one of these signs……


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