Styling 2 Piece Sets

Next time you see a 2 piece set grab it! This red and white floral set is from Walmart and cost under $10-a steal! This set is too versatile especially being a stretchy knit. Create casual daily errands, concert looks, day dates and summer fun looks by changing a few pieces.

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Camo leggings day/night look

Camo faux leather leggings for day/night looks. Add a velvet tank and wedge sandals for an easy date night look or slip on sneakers and a comfy tank for errands.

Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang High Rise Faux Leather Camo Shaping Leggings and Nike Court Legacy Women’s Slip-On Sneakers are both from Kohl’s and currently available using the link below.

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Louis Vuitton…..

This bag has been sold out every time I peep. I have a small collection already, but this gal and the wallet are the newest additions and i’m in love….

If you don’t mind preowned, there are plenty if you look.

Monogram Neonoe MM Rose Poudre is available on and off on liketoknowit, use the link below to check.

Click to link to shop the bag and wallet on liketoknowit.

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Rust colored blazer.

If you’ve never given a second thought to this rust brown color-look again! Depending on the cut and how it fits, this blazer color is flattering. Paired with over the knee boots from Target, yes Target! Add a basic tee and your favorite skinny jeans for a polished look.

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