Easter Favorites

Spring brings warmer temps and Easter!

Front porches are about to be adorned with all the tall wooden signs welcoming you inside. And wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore, I found wreaths made with ribbon, flowers, bunnies and colorful eggs. Don’t forget there’s plenty of pillows, plushies and festive throws to drape on the sofa for cuddling up.

Whether you prefer all the bright colors for the kids or the more subtle classic look or everything in between, there are plenty of options to bring Easter and Spring into your living space.

Follow the link to shop some of my favorites to decorate your home this Spring.



Coffee Bar

Home in Progress….

Starting with the 48in. gray buffet cabinet from Walmart-yes, you have to put it together….. But this made the perfect home for the much treasured Nespresso coffee machine..yummm.

Next, add a carousel for the coffee pods (restocking is in order) and an organizer for all the fixings. Stack your favorite coffee mugs for easy access and you have yourself a home coffee bar!

Below is a link to the items we used for our home as well as some recommendations.


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