• Reseller Must Have Items- Steamer

    November 15, 2019 by

    Having a steamer is a definite must have if you are reselling. I personally use a stand up steamer. The type you use depends on cost and how much you will be using your steamer. I have used a small hand held one in the past. Yes, it was way cheaper than investing a ton of money on a big monster steamer. I quickly found that steamer was Not my thing. Fighting with the short cord got old real quick. The constant refilling of the tiny water reservoir drove me nuts. And, so, it got listed and sold. I had… Read more Continue reading Reseller Must Have Items- Steamer

  • Arizona Staycations- The McCormick

    November 14, 2019 by

    No too long ago we spent a couple of nights at the McCormick in Scottsdale. A nice quiet place to unwind. On the walk to check in you’ll see a row of bikes that are available for guests to enjoy. Out by the lake are canoes and paddle boats that are also available to guests. What a nice surprise! We ended up spending most of our time relaxing poolside. Eating and drinking poolside in the Arizona warm weather is the best. For added family fun there’s ping pong and darts in the nestled in pool area. If you choose to… Read more Continue reading Arizona Staycations- The McCormick

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