Where to Shop trishvan99

Hi there! You’ve most likely seen an item for sale on instagram, Facebook or twitter. Wondering where to shop? Click on the link below to get to the platform or app that you use. Feel free to send a DM or an email if you are interested in another method of purchase.

New to Poshmark? Download the app and use code trishvan99 to save.


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Managing all your sites – Linktree


Whether you are a blogger, model, artist, or a run a small business, having one place to lead followers to is key. Linktree makes it easy to place all your social media accounts and sites into one location.

I myself am a stay at home mom with some reselling on the side. Even though I use the name name for EVERY thing on the planet, having 1 link is nicer. I currently use Linktree to load all my selling platforms and social media accounts. Having just 1 link that can be placed anywhere makes things more manageable for me. A much easier way to keep and direct traffic to your content.

Do you use Linktree? Have any questions? I’d love to hear.