My Poshmark Closet

Where to shop trishvan99 items.

Are you seeing commercials for Poshmark? Wondering the the deal is? Did you see a cute pair of shoes on instagram for sale on Poshmark and had no clue where to go?

Follow the link to my Poshmark closet and start shopping!

Get the app and use code trishvan99 to save on your 1st order.

Thredup Sourcing and Selling

Thredup is an easy way to sell items and sourcing online.

We’ve all heard the hysteria about thredup. Especially now with resellers sourcing online. What gives?

Months ago, I sent in about 4 boxes of stale inventory to thredup. The process is easy. Sign up for an account online, request a kit and send it in. You can request a bag, take a couple of weeks, or print a label and use your own boxes. Consignment does take a while and the payout is very little, depending on what you send in. I sent in blah items-got blah pay. I will continue to sell as I gather stale items that are not selling anywhere.

With the credit I did have, I was able to source items for my reselling stores pretty cheaply. Everyone’s offers will be different. My first purchase was half off, free shipping, new items. Score!!!! There are tons of items available and shopping can take a while. Use your search filters wisely.

Have you been wanting to try thredup? Use my code below to save on your first order!