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Leslie Tucker recently did a podcast series featuring stay at home moms. Moms that are using their free time to earn extra income. The women featured had some amazing stories to tell. I had the pleasure of being featured in this series, although my story is far from amazing. I am a true stay at home mom, in every sense of the word. My husband works and provides financially for our family, leaving me to care for the house and currently the only child left at home. This gives me plenty of time to ‘resell’ in between ‘mom’ duties and my ‘mom’ schedule.

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Poshmark’s Poshfest

To go or not to go….. Not. Poshfest 2019 has sold out.

Poshfest is Poshmark’s must go annual event. Part conference, part networking and tons of fun. 2 days filled with a wealth of information for new and seasoned sellers. The best part- you get to meet you PFF’s in real life. Yes, all those who you connect with daily on the Poshmark app, instagram, Facebook, and twitter are all there. Top it off with the ultimate and fabulous Posh Party!

New this year, Poshmark Ambassadors were able to snag their tickets a day in advance. Tickets for this year’s Poshfest sold out quickly, same as last year. An additional round of tickets were released at a later date and sold out just as fast.

You can still make your way to Poshfest 2019

There is currently a contest where you and your bestie can enter to win a pair tickets. If public speaking is right up your alley, you can apply to be one of many speakers. As the event nears, many will have had schedule changes and will need to sell their ticket. There is also a need for stylists to handle the demand for closet consultations. Don’t fear, there are still plenty of ways to make it to Poshfest 2019.

Last year was my first year attending and had an amazing time. I met so many wonderful sellers and learned new ways to grow my business. Can’t wait to see these wonderful ladies again, follow them on instagram @glossyrossi1 @azcactuscutie @rolfsrack @clairewearboutique @rocambolescoresale and me @trishvan99

If you make it this year, come find me and say hi. I’ll be wearing a trishvan99 tee shirt!

The Beginning

Reselling to me came along by accident. I was looking for a specific dress I already had. This dress fit perfectly and I had to have it in another color or 2 or 3. I googled the dress and Poshmark came up. Not knowing what this was, I dismissed it. A few days later, the same thing. I ended up getting the app in August 2016 and made several purchases. As the items came, I noticed these items were from people’s homes. Someone sold and sent these pieces of clothing from their home! Genius!