Thrifted Pink

Thrifted. Second hand. Preowned. Used. Old. Worn. This is what family and friends think of when I say I shop at the thrift store.

I see inexpensive, low-priced, bargains, one of a kind items and smoking deals.

Only 5 of the items here were purchased new, and on sale at that. I like to save me some money!

Everything else is preowned, purchased either at thrift stores or from online resale apps. There’s something about the hunt and not knowing what you’ll find while out thrifting. Most stores offer discounts and tag sale days, get to know those days and sign up for coupons.

Not ready to dive into a thrift store? Try shopping on Poshmark for gently used items. Those pink platform boots were a score from Poshmark for $20!!!! And that umbrella-Victoria’s Secret and pink- My color!!! Was just $5 on Poshmark. Ready to shop preowned?

Download the app and use code TRISHVAN99 to save.