Reseller Must Have Items- storage bags

Keeping listed items in clear numbered bags has been the biggest time saver.

The bags everyone seems to use are the Great Value extra large twist tie bread bags. This bag will fit folded tops and most dresses. Bigger items such as hoodies and coats will not fit into this bag. Most of my items go into these bags after they have been laundered, steamed, photographed, listed, numbered and put away in their bins.

For the bigger items, I use the clear can liners. These work great for hoodies, jeans, coats and fluffier dresses.


Reseller Must Have Items- Steamer

Having a steamer is a definite must have if you are reselling.

I personally use a stand up steamer. The type you use depends on cost and how much you will be using your steamer.

I have used a small hand held smaller steamer in the past, Yes, it was way cheaper. I quickly found that this steamer was Not my thing. Fighting with the short cord got old real quick. The constant refilling of the tiny water reservoir drove me nuts. And so, it got listed and sold.

I love my steamer now and use it quite often. I use the Conair upright extreme steam steamer. The water tank lasts forever and is easy to fill. It alsonhas wheels and a long cord, yay! I usually hang my hangers on the rack and go to town.

There are way too many steamers out there at various price ranges. Do some research and choose the best to suit your needs and budget. Below is the link to the steamer I use.

trishvan99 in VoyagePhoenix Magazine

A minor mention in VoyagePhoenix Magazine.

I was recently contacted for an interview with VoyagePhoenix Magazine on their series of Inpiring Stories highlighting professionals, community leaders and local entrepreneurs. I am honored to represent the reselling community in my area and hope to inspire others.

Following is the link to the article as well as so many other inspiring stories.

Any questions or comments, let me know?

Thredup Sourcing and Selling

Thredup is an easy way to sell items and sourcing online.

We’ve all heard the hysteria about thredup. Especially now with resellers sourcing online. What gives?

Months ago, I sent in about 4 boxes of stale inventory to thredup. The process is easy. Sign up for an account online, request a kit and send it in. You can request a bag, take a couple of weeks, or print a label and use your own boxes. Consignment does take a while and the payout is very little, depending on what you send in. I sent in blah items-got blah pay. I will continue to sell as I gather stale items that are not selling anywhere.

With the credit I did have, I was able to source items for my reselling stores pretty cheaply. Everyone’s offers will be different. My first purchase was half off, free shipping, new items. Score!!!! There are tons of items available and shopping can take a while. Use your search filters wisely.

Have you been wanting to try thredup? Use my code below to save on your first order!

Cross Listing Made Easy

Are you a reseller? Just getting going? Selling on only one platform?

It’s time to cross post. Cross posting is a must in the reselling business. The more exposure for your items means a better faster chance at sales. It is highly recommended that you branch out and explore other platforms in you reselling journey.

Start with adding one more platform. Get to know the basics, cross post your items and learn the platform. When ready, explore others and add listings. This will get tedious, fast. Especially if you also work full time.

There are several services that can make the cross posting easier. I highly suggest budgeting for the service you choose. I myself sell on 3 platforms and cross post myself.

Bonanza and Trugether are other services to use when cross listing. Since I am not familiar with these, do some research and learn the specifics of these services. They may require different software and a change of where the final selling fee is distributed.

A VA, Listperfectly, Poshmarksharer and Vendoo are popular Cross Listing services to use. These will have a monthly fee.

Depending on the size of the inventory to be listed and cross listed, one of these services is a must.

Do you any of these services? Have a favorite? I’d love to hear from you!

The best way to get return shares on Poshmark

Are you constantly doing community shares with no results. Do you feel like no one is returning shares? Many don’t share. Many use VA’s and focus on self shares. This is great if you have a lot of followers yourself. If not, you need to do the grunt work, which is to share and follow others.

It took me a while to figure this out and this is best way to get return shares.

In my previous post I showed you how to follow active sellers giving you the best potential to gain more followers.

Now, if you go back to that same way of finding the active sellers, these are the ones to share. Whether you follow them or not, these are active on the app Roth now. I choose the closets with a lot of shares, these have the tendency to reciprocate shares. I will not bother to follow or share closets with many items for sale with little followers and shares. Some are smaller closets only selling personal items and those tend to not follow or share. I also avoid the closets with 5,000 community shares. These closets tend to have done the minimum work to achieve Ambassador status and are no longer interested in community shares or follows.

Have you tried this method, has it worked for you? Let me know.

Managing all your sites – Linktree


Whether you are a blogger, model, artist, or a run a small business, having one place to lead followers to is key. Linktree makes it easy to place all your social media accounts and sites into one location.

I myself am a stay at home mom with some reselling on the side. Even though I use the name name for EVERY thing on the planet, having 1 link is nicer. I currently use Linktree to load all my selling platforms and social media accounts. Having just 1 link that can be placed anywhere makes things more manageable for me. A much easier way to keep and direct traffic to your content.

Do you use Linktree? Have any questions? I’d love to hear.

Basic Reselling Tips

Getting your items ready to list and sell

You’ve got some items to sell. Great. Make some money!!!! Whether these items are yours that you no longer use or you’ve sourced to sell, here are some basic tips to keep in mind no matter what platform you choose to use.

Clean clothing items. Start with clean items. Wash according to care tags and avoid any heavily perfumed products. Check carefully for any stains or marks. Use a lint roller or fabric shaver to get rid of any pilling or fuzzies. For items that are new with tags, I will spot treat and freshen up with the steamer. For dry clean only items, I use a home dry clean kit.

Fix or repair items. Items usually get donated because of minor flaws. Buttons can be easily replaced. Check and pull seams gently to inspect. Check hems and crotches. Don’t be afraid to do a little mending. Be sure to check zippers, zippers sometimes only need to be cleaned and realigned.

Clean shoes. I keep a shoe cleaning kit consisting of magic erasers, Scotti tool, Goo Gone, scrub pads, old toothbrushes, saddle soap and leather conditioner. All sneakers get laces removed, a hand wash and air dry. Think of how you would expect a pair of shoes to arrive, even if preowned, send the buyer a clean and disinfected pair of shoes.

Take good and plenty of photos. Each platform is different and allows a different amount of photos. Be sure to take photos of front, back, tag, fabric, detail, flaws, up close, modeled, hanger or flat. You want to show as many views of the items to avoid any questions. The cover shot is the most important picture. It will catch the buyers eye and draw them in. A lighting kit is not necessary from the start, choose an area that has plenty of lighting to take your pictures. Choose a neutral background and avoid clutter. There are plenty of editing apps to use if your lighting is not the best.

Provide measurements. Last thing you want to do is miss a message from a buyer asking for measurements. They are looking to buy now. They don’t want to wait days for you to respond. Get in the habit and provide measurements from the start. Include the basics-rise, inseam, heel height, platform height, bust, length and sleeve length. You will still have the occasional buyer ask for more measurements.

Use templates. Using a template that you copy and paste into the listing can help to ensure you don’t miss any vital information. This way, you just add the information as you go along. Having different templates for different items will make listing easier.

Provide detailed descriptions. Descriptions are important. You want to provide all the information necessary for the buyer. Fabric content should be included-I always add if material is thick, thin, or stretchy. If item is preowned, elaborate on the condition. Include and describe any signs wear or flaws. Buyers want to know if an item is button, zip, elastic, pull on, slit or oversized. There are plenty of ways to describe necklines, dress types, sleeves and heels. This terminology will come easier to you as you continue to search comps.

Optimize listing titles. The title and the cover shot are the most important to get right. Be sure to include brand name and style. Use the entire space allowed. Capital letters for the brand will make your item stand out. No need to include size in the title as the buyer can narrow their search. Color can be avoided in the title also, unless the option is not available. Be sure to add any specifics that someone may be searching for such as party, holiday, boho, festival, career, dance, business casual and cocktail.

Pricing. Not every buyer negotiates, there are buyers that know what they want and purchase at the listed price. The rest of us buyers are looking for a deal. Most platforms are allowing the buyer to make an offer on items. For this reason, you want to price your item at least 15% more than you are willing to sell for. Many buyers will price up to 30% or more to allow for offers. Keep in mind fees and shipping when listing. Always search comps and see what you items has sold for in the past.

Have more tips? Questions? Contact me and let me know! Happy selling!