Must Have Reseller Items- scale

If you are reselling or mailing anything online, at some point it will be necessary to have a scale. Poshmark allows up to 5 lbs with their Priority mail label. If Poshmark is the only platform you use, most likely can get away without a scale. If you sell bundles of jeans and or shoes, it is best to weigh the package to ensure you are within the weight limit.

If your Poshmark package is over 5 lbs you will need to know the escat weight in order to upgrade your label within the app. Poshmark allows up to 10lbs and the difference will be taken from your earnings.

If you are shipping on your own via Paypal, Pirateship or other methods, a scale is a must. Especially when listing your items to ensure you are charging the correct fees. Since First class mail goes by ounces, you want to get this number correct to avoid your buyer getting any additional fees upon delivery.

Any food scale will work in the beginning until you are ready to upgrade. Below is the link to the scale I currently use.

Reseller Starter Shipping Kit

Whether you sell on ebay, Mercari, or Poshmark, shipping supplies are a must. You do not want to be scrambling at the last minute for ink or tape. Do your best to keep costs at a minimum right from the start. As you get busier and more comfortable with the shipping process, you may choose to do some upgrades. Personal thank you cards, business cards, cute polymailers or even a lighting kit will be nice additions. For now, save yourself some money and stick to the basics.

Printer or thermal label printer

Paper or labels

Clear tape

Boxes (priority mail boxes are free from USPS) or any recycled brown boxes

Polymailers for 1st class packages

Scale Poshmark limit is 5lbs, 1st class is under 16oz

Camera or phone camera I use my iphone camera

Plain tissue Color tissue is pretty, but color can run onto items (unless item gets bagged 1st) I buy this in bulk 5200 roll, lasts about 8months

Clear bags I place items in clear bags and seal with a thank you sticker

This is a basic list of supplies to get started with. This is not a must-have list that you need to go out and purchase. Many of these items you may already have somewhere in your home. Gather them up and make yourself a designated ‘shipping’ area. Packaging your items will be less stressful if you have an organized area do so.