Air Fryer Shredded Beef Taquitos

Use the shredded beef from the previous post for these.


12 corn tortillas

non stick spray

3 cups shredded beef

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

12 toothpicks


  1. In a medium bowl stir together shredded beef and cheese, set aside.
  2. Place 6 tortillas in a folded wet paper towel and microwave 30 seconds, turn over and warm another 30 seconds. Warm the other set of tortillas.
  3. Spread beef mixture on tortillas and secure with toothpick. continue with all tortillas.
  4. Spray air fryer with non stick spray, place 6 taquitos in basket, (I make sure toothpick go into the holes in basket to keep in place. Spray with non stick spray and set air fryer to fry setting and cook for 5 minutes, turn, spray and cook another 5 minutes. Continue with the other half of taquitos.