How easy is it to relist on Vendoo?

Quite easy….

Vendoo is a cross listing service that is easy to use and allows you to make better use of your time as a reseller. Vendoo has recently added the bulk ‘Delist & Relist’ feature to the lineup and it is a game changer. This newer feature lets you choose up to 10 items to be deleted and relisted with a few clicks. Let’s peep….

You still have the option to sort through your listings. I switch it up-but usually will go with the ‘Date Modified’ and search the oldest.

From the Multi Actions menu, choose Multi Delist & Relist.

Choose the items to be deleted and relisted- up to 10 and click Delist & Relist.

Choose the platforms you want these items to be Deleted and Relisted, confirm.

And like me, scroll IG….. while the magic happens.

Not too much later, they are done and repeat the process….

Of course, I work on multiple laptops, windows and screens so this process goes by a tad faster…..

Are you a reseller? Have you been wanting to try a cross listing service? Now is the time to give Vendoo a try. Click the link below to try them for free. Any questions, just ask!

Cross Listing Made Easy

Are you a reseller? Just getting going? Selling on only one platform?

It’s time to cross post. Cross posting is a must in the reselling business. The more exposure for your items means a better faster chance at sales. It is highly recommended that you branch out and explore other platforms in you reselling journey.

Start with adding one more platform. Get to know the basics, cross post your items and learn the platform. When ready, explore others and add listings. This will get tedious, fast. Especially if you also work full time.

There are several services that can make the cross posting easier. I highly suggest budgeting for the service you choose. I myself sell on 3 platforms and cross post myself.

Bonanza and Trugether are other services to use when cross listing. Since I am not familiar with these, do some research and learn the specifics of these services. They may require different software and a change of where the final selling fee is distributed.

A VA, Listperfectly, Poshmarksharer and Vendoo are popular Cross Listing services to use. These will have a monthly fee.

Depending on the size of the inventory to be listed and cross listed, one of these services is a must.

Do you any of these services? Have a favorite? I’d love to hear from you!