Poshmark Ambassador

What does this mean?

Poshmark Ambassador. Everyone wants to claim and be it. You see it everywhere, on every seller’s title, closet name and on signs within the closet. What does it mean? It is the new ‘Suggested User’, who remember’s that?????

A Poshmark Ambassador is someone who uses and represents the Poshmark app well. You have met all the minimum criteria there is to achieve this status. You are seen as an active, buyer, seller, sharer and represent all that makes a great Posher. You have a great looking compliant closet while providing great customer service.

The minimum criteria for Poshmark Ambassador status are:

5,000 Community Shares

5,00 Self Shares

50 New Posher Shares

50 Available Items

15 Sales

1 Love Note Given

Here are my stats:

Once becoming an Ambassador, you should still continue to be active on the app. This feeds the almighty algorithm and keeps everyone happy.


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