How to add clickable links to your Poshmark on instagram posts.

Have you been wondering how to add the clickable link to you Poshmark items? I’m sure you’ve asked several people and ended up with many partial answers. I asked and with the combined help of 4 instagram users along with google, I got it!

Please note-I am not a technical computer talking person, I use tap and click and follow the words as directions.

First, make sure you have a Facebook business account. If you already have a Facebook account, you will need to create a business page off that account-you can only have 1 Facebook account.

Next, Make sure your instagram is a business account. It’s easy to switch. On your profile tap the 3 bars at the top right. Go to settings, account, switch to Professional account, click business. You will need to connect your Facebook business to this instagram, don’t forget this part.

Now that your instagram is a business account and attached to a Facebook business account-you will need to submit you instagram account for review in order to be able sell hard goods. Go to Business on your instagram account, and tap instagram shopping, follow the steps and submit for review. This will take a few days and can take over a week to be approved.

Come back here next week…..

Once you are approved, you have to add items to your catalog in Facebook. From here, they will be available in your shop on instagram and will be able to add to your posts.

You will need photos of your item and the Poshmark link to add an item. Have these handy and ready to add to your catalog? Let’s continue.

To add a product go to Facebook, go to your Business Manager, settings, Data Source, Catalogs, in Catalog Manager is where you will add your item. Go to products, add item, choose your file image, (I add the name, descriptions, Poshmark link and price). Click add product. Now your item should be in your instagram shop. Check your instagram.

To add the link on an instagram post, start your post and you should see and option to tag a product under tag a person, tap it and you will see the available products. That’s it!!!!

There’s a lot to get here, and it gets easier.

Have you tried this? Let me know!


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