Basic Reseller Business Tips

Whether new or a seasoned seller, here’s a few key points to keep in mind. Remember-I sell clothing and shoes, on Poshmark, ebay and Mercari.

Have a plan, a business plan. Someone recently told me “As soon as you sold your first item, you became a business person!” Plan on this as you are a business person. Have a plan with steps in mind. We all start some where. Get planner or calendar and write things down. Things that need to get done, not necessarily in order.

Buy low sell high. Basic. Market. thinking. Buy or acquire inventory at the lowest price point possible and aim to list high for highest yield. This may require research and some digging. It is possible to find ‘cheap’ inventory, no matter you niche.

Marketing. Get your name out there. Business cards, networking and social medial are all easy ways to get your name out there. Twitter, tumblr, youtube, Facebook, instagram, and pinterest are all avenues that are waiting for you to tap into. Get your name out there to be seen and heard. No one will know who you are and what you sell, unless they ‘hear or see’ your name somewhere.

Business. This is a business. Treat this a a business from the start if you can. Open a separate account for business use. This will make things easier down the road some tax season. This will allow you to set budgets and keep ‘business’ spending to a minimum.

Expand. If necessary, and the time is appropriate, feel free to expand and grow your business. Starting small and concentrating on one area is fine, with time and knowledge, expand as necessary. Add employees, and platforms.

Remain Professional. Remember the saying ‘the customer is always right’? It’s true, they are right. Take it humbly and handle it the right way. Learn from the mistakes we all make. Suck it up and accept the return for whatever the reason. Humbly apologize and give refunds when they are due. Do not engage the customer and never bad mouth a customer on social media.

Pay yourself. Now that you have everything set up, almost. Pay yourself. Whether bi weekly or monthly. (I do Monthly) Pay yourself or employees. Keep track of hours and pay accordingly. I personally started paying myself minimum wage 3-4 hrs a day, 5 days a week give or take. Your time is valuable, as is anyone’s time that helps you on this reselling journey.

Questions or any tips to add? Contact me.


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