Get on social media

As a reseller it’s important to get on social media.

Social media is still not my thing. I’m still learning and getting the hang of things. I have learned that it is necessary to get out there.

Whether it’s Facebook, instagram, Twitter or any platform you choose, start somewhere. It’s important to get your name or business name out there. Social media is where many individuals turn to learn more about you and your business. These days, others ask for your social media name, not a business card.

There are so many sellers out there to meet and connect with. I have learned so much from instagram alone. As a newer reseller, the hauls are my favorite. Some brand names I had never heard of until getting on instagram. In my opinion, instagram is currently my favorite to use and learn from.

If instagram is not your thing, there’s Facebook. Facebook has tons of groups to interact with. If you’re looking for share groups, hauls or even resellers in your area, Facebook has a group for you.

If you are not on social media, you are missing out on so much information. Perhaps the ‘social’ aspect isn’t quite your thing. It’s still important to make that account and start gradually. You don’t want to miss out on events or sales going on in your area.

Are you on instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Give me a follow and say hi!


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