Poshmark Posh n Sips

Have you ever attended a Posh n Sip in your area?

Posh n Sips are held all the time by other resellers. You can find a list of past and upcoming events on the Poshmark Blog as well as on instagram and Facebook.

My first Posh n Sip was about 8 months into my reselling journey. One of the hosts messaged me on my meet the Posher page inviting me. I was still new and had just started an instagram for my business, so I had never heard of this Posh n Sip before. As I did not know any other resellers at the time, although a bit intimidated, I still went, alone. I did meet other sellers in my area, some I have gotten to know well over time.

These events are social and yes, they can be intimidating. The many that I have been to have been in a happy hour setting, with food and drink for purchase if you choose. As you can imagine, many sellers go in pairs or with friends that they know. Yes, many will not talk to you and keep to their friends. For the most part, if you are friendly, introduce yourself and are open to conversation, you will enjoy the event and meet new friends.

Have you been to any Posh n Sips? Did you have fun? Let me know.



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