Reseller Must Have Items-Scotty Peeler

Have you ever ruined the insole of a beautiful pair of heels by trying to remove that sticker? You know, that sticker, yes, the one they place on the most delicate part of heels. Or other stores place them on the bottom and are so tough to remove.

The best tool I’ve found to remove these is the Scotty Peeler. I got the 4 pack which is the best deal and includes 1 metal and 3 plastic.

These are safe to use on plastic, glass, metal and leather. The tougher stickier labels such as on a book or the insole of a shoe may be a bit tougher to remove, on these items, heat with a blow dryer first and then continue with the peeler tool. Click the link to get your on Amazon.

Have you tried these tools? Love them? Let me know!


Why you should complete Poshmark Campaigns

Poshmark gives you credit for completing campaigns.

Earlier this year Poshmark began allowing their Poshmark Ambassadors to participate in Affiliate Campaigns and earn extra $$$. These Campaigns can easily be completed to earn either credit to use on the app or be applied towards their redeemable balance.

A simple post to Facebook or instagram that includes hashtags and links is all it takes to begin racking up the $$$.

Some Poshers may be weary of posting such pictures with hashtags out there for everyone to see. Don’t worry, get out of your comfort zone and start earning extra $$$. You don’t have to have 100k followers and each Campaign pays differently.

Once you become an Ambassador, check your profile for a menu of available Campaigns. Each will give a description of what is necessary and what platform to post on. Be careful to read the entire details before accepting the Campaign. You may only complete one at a time. Some may require you to post new items to your closet in a certain market as part of the Campaign. There are also deadlines, be sure to choose the correct one for you.

Sounds easy right? It can be. My experience however has not been so easy. The 1st went fine, got my credit and redeemed it right away. The 2nd, 1 week later back 4 months ago was in limbo for that long. There were a lot of emails, instagram posts and tweets with no help from anyone. I had given up. Then, I had someone ask me via instagram message how the Campaigns worked. I explained it to her and sent yet another email regarding my own Campaign situation. Finally-a response, no fix, another response, no fix. I emailed angry demanding that particular Campaign be squashed, trash it, and could I have a new one to complete. An instant response to that email led me to check my Campaign menu and bam, there were 6 to choose from. I was in Heaven. I accepted, completed and waited. There were issues with that one too….. How could this be. About 5 emails later I had an answer. The link on my instagram profile was wrong. With help from a fellow Posher, I corrected and now have been able to complete a total of 5. This has been frustrating and a lesson learned. So don’t give up if you are having issues with the Campaigns and read ALL the details.

Any questions or comments, let me know.

Does the Poshmark 30mm Method Work???

The ever so popular 30mm Method. Does it work? Yes and no. No.

Poshmark is my favorite selling app to use and my busiest. I’ve done my share of everything to help with sales on Poshmark, along with this 30mm Method. I did join the Facebook group and had no guidance, after a short time I left the group and went about this on my own. No ones seems to want to share information on this with just anyone.

What is the 30mm Method? The following chart is what pops up every time a seller looks this up. Looks simple and doable. The title alone “Once A Day And Done” wow!

  1. As the chart shows, you edit share 30 of your items, simple, quick. Done.
  2. List 3 items-or relist. Simple and quick, we all have 7,532,459 pictures of clothing items on our phones. Done.
  3. Follow your followers, all of them…. Does not specify how many. Following everyone may take a while……
  4. Follow new closets from both categories just joined and fresh closets. Does not specify how many of each……
  5. Welcome 10 new closets. This is easy, but, I was just there at the last step…..
  6. Share back any activity from the last half hour. Was I supposed to keep track? Umm… i’m already 40 minutes into this…..

When I did this way back when, this took way longer than 30 minutes. I could have been doing this wrong, remember, no help from anyone. I did get more activity on my closet but ended up getting locked out or ‘jailed’ for following too many in a short period of time. Frustrating. I couldn’t be the only one out there.

So, I came up with my own method that works for me!!!

Pretty easy to follow. I do this most mornings on the treadmill. 60 minutes is what I allow to do this and repeat as much as I can.

  1. Self share 30 of your own items. I know 30 isn’t a lot, you’ll repeat this.
  2. Return shares. I pick 5 closets from my notifications and share 5 items from each closet. Most will return these shares too.
  3. Follow active sellers. Go to find people, My brands-pick any, sort by active sellers at the top. Follow 30. Most of these will follow you and share your items-you’ll return shares in a bit when you repeat the steps.
  4. Edit, next, list 10 of your own items.
  5. Follow 10 just joined Poshers. Send them a ‘welcome’ note.
  6. Self share 30 items.
  7. Follow 10 fresh closets, share their items, and comment.
  8. Relist 5 of your own items. If you don’t have pictures available, take screenshots, copy and past descriptions. This gets faster, trust me. I relist according to the upcoming parties. That way your item shows up in the ‘First Look’ tab.
  9. Repeat if you have time.

Poshmark is a social app and can be needy. Doing this or your own version of the method will keep you active in all the areas required. Building followers, self sharing, relisting and sharing new closets will keep you relevant. You cannot expect to to put in 30-60 minutes and be done for the day. You should continue to be active on the app throughout the day. Even though I do this most mornings, I still continue my regular reseller work duties. An if time allows, I definitely share my closet especially around the parties.

I have learned that being busy on the app is what works for me. Play around with numbers and keep track of what works for you. For me, having a schedule is what works. This 60 minute method is how I start my day and keeps me busy.

Questions? Comments? Have your own method?

Keep in touch!

Reseller Starter Shipping Kit

Whether you sell on ebay, Mercari, or Poshmark, shipping supplies are a must. You do not want to be scrambling at the last minute for ink or tape. Do your best to keep costs at a minimum right from the start. As you get busier and more comfortable with the shipping process, you may choose to do some upgrades. Personal thank you cards, business cards, cute polymailers or even a lighting kit will be nice additions. For now, save yourself some money and stick to the basics.

Printer or thermal label printer

Paper or labels

Clear tape

Boxes (priority mail boxes are free from USPS) or any recycled brown boxes

Polymailers for 1st class packages

Scale Poshmark limit is 5lbs, 1st class is under 16oz

Camera or phone camera I use my iphone camera

Plain tissue Color tissue is pretty, but color can run onto items (unless item gets bagged 1st) I buy this in bulk 5200 roll, lasts about 8months

Clear bags I place items in clear bags and seal with a thank you sticker

This is a basic list of supplies to get started with. This is not a must-have list that you need to go out and purchase. Many of these items you may already have somewhere in your home. Gather them up and make yourself a designated ‘shipping’ area. Packaging your items will be less stressful if you have an organized area do so.