Why you should complete Poshmark Campaigns

Poshmark gives you credit for completing campaigns.

Earlier this year Poshmark began allowing their Poshmark Ambassadors to participate in Affiliate Campaigns and earn extra $$$. These Campaigns can easily be completed to earn either credit to use on the app or be applied towards their redeemable balance.

A simple post to Facebook or instagram that includes hashtags and links is all it takes to begin racking up the $$$.

Some Poshers may be weary of posting such pictures with hashtags out there for everyone to see. Don’t worry, get out of your comfort zone and start earning extra $$$. You don’t have to have 100k followers and each Campaign pays differently.

Once you become an Ambassador, check your profile for a menu of available Campaigns. Each will give a description of what is necessary and what platform to post on. Be careful to read the entire details before accepting the Campaign. You may only complete one at a time. Some may require you to post new items to your closet in a certain market as part of the Campaign. There are also deadlines, be sure to choose the correct one for you.

Sounds easy right? It can be. My experience however has not been so easy. The 1st went fine, got my credit and redeemed it right away. The 2nd, 1 week later back 4 months ago was in limbo for that long. There were a lot of emails, instagram posts and tweets with no help from anyone. I had given up. Then, I had someone ask me via instagram message how the Campaigns worked. I explained it to her and sent yet another email regarding my own Campaign situation. Finally-a response, no fix, another response, no fix. I emailed angry demanding that particular Campaign be squashed, trash it, and could I have a new one to complete. An instant response to that email led me to check my Campaign menu and bam, there were 6 to choose from. I was in Heaven. I accepted, completed and waited. There were issues with that one too….. How could this be. About 5 emails later I had an answer. The link on my instagram profile was wrong. With help from a fellow Posher, I corrected and now have been able to complete a total of 5. This has been frustrating and a lesson learned. So don’t give up if you are having issues with the Campaigns and read ALL the details.

Any questions or comments, let me know.


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