What are the Goodwill ‘Bins”

Have you been to the Goodwill Outlet Clearance Center in Phoenix? The Bins?

The Outlet is where you can shop and pay by the pound. $1.39 a pound can buy you a lot of goodies for yourself. If you are a reseller, this is probably the best place to shop to keep inventory costs low.

It’s not for everyone. Do no expect a regular store. This is more of a warehouse in an industrial area of Phoenix and it’s hot. There are many hidden treasures waiting to be found. Grab some water, hand sanitizer and be ready for an arm workout.

Plan on at least 2 hrs. If you get there and there are carts available, grab one. Find a blanket, sheet or towel, cover your cart, park it along the side with everyone else’s and get shopping. Best thing to do is grab anything that looks good, dump in your cart and keep going. Inspect your items at the cart, tossing back anything that has flaws, tears or you change your mind. Wait at least 1 or 2 rotations for the best selections and to make your trip worthwhile.

My last trip to the bins was an unplanned trip and lasted a quick 30 minutes. 15 items + a book for myself at a total of $14.68. So far 12 items have been listed, 3 have sold and 2 have yet to be listed.

Some names I found on this quick trip were WHBM, Members Only, Nike, Levi’s, Express, Fox, Ann Taylor and Hurley. I also picked up a few cute pieces I knew would sell. There was a wool coat and a faux leather jacket that were quite heavy. All in all, not bad for less than $15 or about .94 cents per item.

I leave all my items in the tied up bag until they get washed. Dry clean only items get treated with an at home dry clean kit. Here’s what my last bins trip yielded.


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