Handling Poshmark Cases

How to professionally handle a Case on Poshmark.

Any customer can open a case on Poshmark and request a return for a number of reasons. Color, item not as described, didn’t fit, rips, tears or flaws. I have been selling over 2 yrs on Poshmark and have had my share of cases. It happens to everyone.

The first case I had opened devastated me. I was done. There is no way I could continue selling. Burn it all.

Now I know better. My first case was way back when we could not see the comments that were being made. I did try to ‘fight’ a couple of cases and won them. I felt horrible. Even though I got paid, I had a bad feeling about ‘winning’ a case. I also ‘lost’ a couple of cases and the item was not returned. I felt even worse about this.

These days, I have a simple answer to any case that gets opened. I still get the occasional case, don’t get me wrong. My generic answer to any case is somewhat like this:

“We here at trishvan99 apologize for this oversight. Please refund ________ and send the item back to our facility. We will gladly accept fault for this. We hope ______ finds the items they are looking for on Poshmark. We here at trishvan99 strive to provide the best customer service posssible. Thank you for handling this manner quickly.”

This response seems to me the most professional way to handle a case. This generic response works, the case gets closed fast and the buyer doesn’t get turned off by the app. I would rather have the buyer continue to shop from another closet on Poshmark. Keep in mind most of my items on average are purchased for 50cents to $3 each. Losing a case and getting the item back to hopefully relist is not a big deal.

If my response is not the way you choose to handle a case. I would advise you to stop, do not respond right away. Look at you listing, did you overlook or provide incorrect information? Don’t take it personal, put your emotions aside. Speak to another seller for advice. Ask for advice on Facebook-if you belong to reselling groups and feel comfortable requesting advice. Let Poshmark handle the case with the information provided.

The best thing you can to do is remain professional. You are a business person. Treat this as a business. Do not get heated and argue with the buyer. Do not get defensive and post this on social media. If getting help from others, refrain from using the buyers name-do not post their name on Facebook or instagram or put them on blast. This may be their first purchase ever and they may not know the process.

Think of you returning an item to a retail store. The clerk looks at the facts and processes your return. There is no arguing or name calling. They handle the transaction quickly and get you on your way with a smile. Be that professional clerk representing the retail store.

I understand that there are ‘scammers’ out there looking for free items. This is why I always request the item back.

I have sold over 2,600 items on Poshmark and have had cases opened. No one is perfect, we all overlook imperfections and mark wrong sizes when listing. It’s your response that will affect the customers view of Poshmark.

Any comments? Questions? Feel free to contact me.


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